Cradle Roll & Nursery

For You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. - Psalm 139:19

Cradle Roll Bible Classes

Learning God’s word and a love for His word begins before a child can even speak their own words. We know that God has created each and every one of us for a special purpose and He has a plan of salvation for each precious child. Our cradle roll classes consist of songs and concepts to teach children to take care of God’s word and lay down a solid foundation for life.

Creation Class

God create the entire universe, world, creatures and man in six days! The children learn what God created each day in the beginning and most importantly that God made them, knows them and loves them.

Noah’s Ark Class

God takes care of each and every one of his children and has a plan for eternal salvation. The children experience all the sights and sounds of building an ark, loading the animals and celebrating the promise that God will not flood the earth ever again.

Baby Jesus Class

God completes his plan of salvation in the life of Jesus.  In this class the children can see Jesus as a baby, sing songs related to his birth, and learn about the miracles God performed in the coming of our Lord and Savior to this earth.


We have a fully staffed and secure nursery for ages 0 to 3 yrs of age. Just drop your child off before Worship, pick up your pager, and rest assured that your child is being well taken care of.

If you have any questions, please ask for our Nursery Coordinator, Katie Yaeger.

Background Checks

All nursery staff workers and church leaders including (elders, ministers and deacons) have undergone a strict background check to ensure those who are in contact with the children of our congregation are surrounding by loving and protecting arms. If you have any questions regarding our policies and procedures around the nursery and Children’s Ministry in general, please contact our Children’s Minister, Eric Gott.

Daily Bible Reading

…grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. – 2 Peter3:18

Daily Bible study is a part of a Christian’s life. We encourage you to study the Bible so you can understand what the Will of God is for your life. By reading His word and listening to what He says, you will have a greater understanding of the purpose of your life and why you exist here on earth.