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Some Things Change, Some Don’t

We headed South to spend a couple of days with our vacationing grandchildren and their parents. On the way, our GPS kept giving me directions toward our destination. It kept saying, “Go toward Mobile”. It kept pronouncing it “Mo-bull” instead of “Mo-bill”. I wondered...

What’s Your Custom?

What are your habits of life? How would your family describe your customs? Twice in the New Testament the phrase is used, “as was his custom,” in reference to Jesus. In Mark 10:1 it is used to refer to his custom of teaching the people. In Luke 4:16, his going to the...

Follow Me

From time to time I will see trucks with a “Follow Me” sign on their tailgate. As a matter of fact, I followed one just last week who was directing traffic around the construction of a new bridge in our area. I understood where he was leading me. When I see a truck...

Treasure of Truth

The Bible is a vast treasure chest of truth. It is ours for the digging and the searching. Not just in every book or chapter. But in every verse and word of each verse. Consider this verse: Afterward He appeared to the eleven themselves as they were reclining at the...

Choose God in Every Decision

Every day we are forced to make decisions. What will I have for breakfast, what will I wear, how will I act? But how often do we allow God to influence those decisions? It may seem kind of crazy to think about. We may say, “Does God care what I have for breakfast?”...